Transgender Surgery

Dr. Gary Lawton is dedicated to providing the highest quality
Transgender Plastic Surgery with confidentiality and compassion in
an atmosphere of courtesy and respect. He and his staff of highly
trained professionals are committed to providing you with the best
care available.

Dr. Lawton underwent 10 years of surgical training at Yale University prior to entering private Plastic Surgery practice in San
Antonio, Texas. Dr. Lawton is an expert in the surgical care of the
breast and body of Transgender Surgery patients. He is a highly
regarded professional in the field who treats patients who have been
referred by locally and nationally based primary care physicians,
endocrinologists, therapists, gender associations, and previous

As a surgeon who specializes in the treatment of transgender
patients, Dr. Lawton is an integral part of the team of professionals
that are participating in your long-term care. Dr. Lawton will discuss
with the patient the issues that have brought them to the decision to
have surgery, deciding with the patient that the desired procedure is
appropriate. Prior to performing any surgical procedures, Dr. Lawton will evaluate all of the patient’s medical conditions.

Transgender Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation and removal are common operations. The
approach for male-to-female patients is different than for female-to-male patients. For female-to-male patients, a mastectomy (breast
removal) procedure is usually the surgery performed. For many
patients, it is the only surgery undertaken. For male-to-female patients, breast augmentation is the operation performed.

Body Masculinization Through Liposuction

Body masculinization can be achieved by shaping the abdomen, love
handles and thighs using liposuction. By lipocontouring these areas, a
more masculine appearance can be achieved. Liposuction results in
permanent removal of fatty tissue.


Long-term postoperative follow-up is provided at no additional charge
for all patients, in an effort to ensure an optimal surgical outcome.

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